I have a blood cancer

I have a blood cancer

Get the support you need

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Access one-on-one personalized support

Receive personalized assistance in finding answers to your questions or concerns.
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Support groups

Share learnings and learn from others experience.
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First connection peer support program

Connect you with someone who has been through a similar cancer diagnosis.

Access Resources

Access all quick reads, guides, podcasts, videos and other resources to learn everything from disease symptoms, treatment options and sides effects.
Transportation Program

One Kilometre At A Time: Transportation Subsidy Program

This program helps Canadians newly diagnosed with a blood cancer experiencing financial hardship with transportation-related expenses.

Self-care and wellness


Taking care of your body

Learn how to manage how your cancer and its treatment may affect your physical appearance.
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Fatigue and cognitive challenges

Learn about cancer-related brain fog and ways to manage it.
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Caring for your mental health

Learn about ways to feel better and take your mind off cancer.

Curated resources for children, teens and young adults


Childhood blood cancers

It makes a difference for a child when parents, teachers and friends have the right kind of information and resources.
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Teen blood cancers

By staying informed about your diagnosis and what’s to come, you will feel prepared and less scared of what’s ahead.
Young Adult

Young adult blood cancers

You will face challenges that are specific to your age group, consult resources that are adapted for your needs.