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Over the past two years, we’ve all developed tools for protecting ourselves against COVID-19. Now, it’s a matter of managing this new situation as best we can.
A woman with her hand to her heart
As we transition out of the COVID-19 world, you may have recently heard the term “return to normal” from friends, family, or other sources. The return to normal can generate different feelings for different people. For some, it may create happiness, anticipation, and excitedness. However, for our blood cancer community, it can generate feelings of apprehension, anxiety, nervousness, or uncertainty. There are a few strategies and tools that you can use to help yourself as we return to “normal”.
Covid 19 Cells
A new partnership between LLSC and BioCanRx will help Canadian scientists expand their ability to conduct clinical trials of CAR T therapy, an important new treatment for some blood cancers that have not responded to other treatments.
Education, Research
Man looking out window with cancer
Going back to normal and yet staying safe is impossible, especially for those with CLL for whom getting infections is risky at best.
Max Parrot
Canadian snowboarder and Olympic athlete Max Parrot had to put his life and career on hold when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. Now, he’s sharing his story to help other young people living with blood cancer

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