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Studies are underway to better understand vaccine efficacy in the blood cancer population but we know vaccines are safe and effective in the majority of people affected by blood cancers. We encourage our community to get vaccinated unless their physician instructs otherwise.
To meet the needs of the blood cancer community, the organization is ramping up its First Connection peer support program that matches those newly diagnosed with a peer support volunteer who has been through a blood cancer experience.
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As COVID-19 spread and countries around the world locked down, music producer and performer Chillaa faced a blood cancer diagnosis. His experiences through treatment and isolation tested his spirit and ultimately, sparked his creativity
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC) provides in-person and online support groups where people living with a chronic blood cancer and their families can share information and experiences. 
An activity that you like and that your body is capable of doing will be much more enjoyable and easier to integrate into your routine than an activity that you don’t like and makes you suffer.

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