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As a healthcare professional, delivering the life-altering news of a blood cancer diagnosis may be one of the most difficult tasks you encounter, but it is equally a huge responsibility – one you may feel you are not adequately equipped for.

It has been proven that patients and their families feel overwhelmed when they learn about their diagnosis. For many, having access to practical, emotional and informational support at the onset and throughout the cancer experience can play a large role to feeling some sense of control of the situation.

When you are ready, we can help you gain the insights, resources, training, and access to local community services professionals that will prepare you for the questions, concerns or needs of your patients upon diagnosis and at every stage of their cancer experience.

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Resources to Help You

Choose from a variety of patient materials, research updates, or on-site learning opportunities.

Patient & Family Support

  • understanding a blood cancer diagnosis or treatment

  • 1:1 access to medical information specialists with interpretation services available in 170 languages

  • accessing a clinical trial or life-saving treatment

  • managing practical or emotional challenges

  • navigating the cancer experience

  • connecting with peers

Healthcare Community Support

  • easy to understand patient materials [fact sheets, podcasts, and videos]

  • tear pads for turn-key referrals

  • clinical Trial co-ordination service

  • flexible online CMEs for Oncology Nurses, allied healthcare professionals, and Pharmacists

  • timely blood cancer research webcasts

  • local lunch and learns - Presentation on how we can help

Shared Decision Making: Discussion tool for healthcare providers

Resource Library

Access all fact sheets, guides, podcast, videos and other resources to learn everything from disease symptoms, statistics and treatment options.

Continuing Education Program

We are pleased to offer a continuing education program with access to relevant course materials, including timely research updates and ongoing access to training in a self-study format. You can access the online program at any time and complete the courses at your own pace.
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Research funding programs

Learn more about research projects we fund, research grant opportunities and how we decide which projects to fund.
Two cell phones showing the health manager app

Health Manager App

Any prescription or over-the-counter medications, and supplements like vitamins and minerals that have been prescribed should be tracked. You can now take the list with you whenever you see a new professional as part of treatment.