Holiday Match Opportunity!

Holiday match opportunity

Until December 31st!

iA Financial Group, a longtime supporter of the blood cancer community, has committed to matching your donation 4 times, up to $100,000! For example, a donation of $100 will become $400, while a gift of $250 increases to $1,000!

Your gift today – quadrupled by iA Financial Group – will help fund lifesaving research and critical services supporting people throughout every step of their blood cancer experience. 

Your support matters – give today, transform tomorrow.

Beckett’s remarkable story

Beckett and his siblings Parents know their children. And they know when something isn’t quite right.

One day, Melanie and Geoff noticed their son Beckett hadn’t been acting like himself, so they visited their family doctor and proceeded with some bloodwork.

Nothing could have prepared them for the devastating late-night call that followed days later: Beckett had blood cancer. It seemed unbelievable that Beckett’s life could be in danger; he was only nine months old.  

In a state of shock, Melanie and Geoff rushed Beckett to BC Children’s Hospital unsure of what would happen next. A life-altering blood cancer diagnosis is unpredictable and no parent is prepared to face it.  

In February 2020, Beckett was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), the most common cancer in children. Last year alone, it affected almost 1,000 children in Canada. But it’s very unusual for babies as young as Beckett to receive the diagnosis. 

A temporary new home: the oncology floor

At BC Children’s Hospital, the family faced difficult meetings and decisions about Beckett’s treatment. It was overwhelming, and something no parent should have to go through. And it didn’t end there. 

Beckett with his head on his hands

Over the next five months, instead of enjoying park visits and playing with his siblings, Beckett had to live in the hospital to receive the frightening and often painful treatments that would hopefully save his young life. 

Once out of the hospital, 18 months of outpatient maintenance chemotherapy followed, with countless appointments and lab visits to monitor Beckett’s progress along the way.

Throughout his blood cancer experience, Beckett was strong, resilient and remained a sweet smiling boy.
~ Melanie

Crucial support, when it mattered most

Beckett on swing smiling while his parents are watching. At the most difficult time of their lives, Beckett and his family were supported by their extended family and friends. “Life could not have been more stressful, chaotic and uncertain,” Melanie recalls. “In addition to friends and family, we relied on crucial support from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada and promising research that brought us hope.”

Receiving the news when Beckett reached a major milestone – one-year post treatment and doing excellent – was a day the family will never forget.

“Our family has directly benefited from the research and advancements made in blood cancer treatment,” notes Melanie. “We are tremendously thankful to everyone donating to support the research that is saving lives like Beckett’s – your support is truly making a difference.”

As the holidays approach, the family is looking forward to celebrating, taking part in family traditions and starting some new ones. Most of all, they are grateful to be with Beckett.

Your support is vital to children like Beckett.

Holiday match opportunity

We are very grateful to iA Financial Group, a longtime ally of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada, for this generous match offer.