Throughout the year, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada has opportunities for Canadians affected by blood cancer to share their experience to help raise awareness about their needs, challenges and overall experience. Ambassadors provide invaluable input and help us develop and fulfill our priorities.

On an on-demand basis, the blood cancer ambassadors will work with us to:  

  • Raise awareness about the needs of the blood cancer community 
  • Make Canadians affected by a blood cancer feel less alone 
  • Ensure that the needs and preferences of the blood cancer community are communicated to regulators, payors and other stakeholders
  • Inform decision makers of inequities experienced by those in the blood cancer community 
  • Ensure all Canadians have equal access to treatments and support regardless of where they live 
  • Help clinicians deliver the best possible care for persons living with a blood cancer

In 2023, we will be expanding the ambassador program and will be recruiting more women affected by a blood cancer and those experiencing an acute leukemia, an MPN, MDS and caregivers. 

Are you interested in becoming a blood cancer ambassador? If you are no longer receiving treatment for at least a year or are stable (1yr +) and would like to share your blood cancer experience, contact Colleen McMillan to learn more about the program.