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The Beer Store, a longtime supporter of the blood cancer community, has committed to matching your donation 3 times, up to $150,000, until June 16, 2023! Your gift today will help someone facing a blood cancer diagnosis connect with others who know exactly what they’re going through, so they don't have to face their cancer journey alone.  

$150,000 matching opportunity! Beer Store.


Siham's inspiring story

At 26 years old, Siham was planning her wedding and working on her master’s thesis when she was diagnosed with acute leukemia. It was May 2021. In Algeria, where Siham was born, she started treatment: one course of induction chemotherapy and two types of consolidation chemotherapy.

In the first month after her diagnosis, her boyfriend was there for her. But, little by little, he pulled away. They eventually broke up in the middle of planning their wedding. Siham was always a very active person. Suddenly, she lost not only her health and energy but also all the plans she’d had. The thought that she might not be able to finish her degree had her feeling down. She felt powerless, stuck in a hospital bed. 

Towards the end of her treatment, Siham decided to move to Canada. It was the best way she could think to escape and leave the whole nightmare behind her. When Siham arrived in Canada, she found herself alone, misunderstood and haunted by the nightmare of relapse. Not knowing where to turn, she searched the internet for support and found the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC) website.  

After joining a virtual meeting hosted by the LLSC, Siham realized she was not alone, that there were people of all different ages who had gone through what she had or were still going through it. It was reassuring, and seeing someone 75 or 80 years old who had been in remission for years gave her a glimmer of hope. It gave her the will to fight and to keep moving forward.  

Siham is now in remission and thriving in her new life in Canada. Her advice to others facing a cancer diagnosis is: “Keep doing the things you love, but adjust how you do them to your energy levels, and tell your loved ones about your limits."

Talking to people who have gone through the same thing can make a world of difference.
Siham, Montreal
$150,000 matching opportunity! Beer Store.


Please note: While The Beer Store is an Ontario-based retailer, this matching offer is available to all Canadians – funds raised will help the blood cancer community from coast to coast to coast.