Poster used at the ccrc 2023 conference. Contains our logo and information about our grant programs

AI and cancer research a hot topic at CCRC 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) was a key theme at the Canadian Cancer Research Alliance (CCRC-ACRC) Scientific Conference 2023, held in Halifax, Nova Scotia November 12 -14.

Paul O’Connell, LLSC Research Program Lead, was there promoting our research grant opportunities – he displayed our poster, shown here – in particular, the new the Blood Cancer and AI Catalyst Grant program launched Nov. 1st and still open for LOI submissions.

Paul also attended several talks at CCRC that addressed “AI across the research spectrum,” one of the four main themes at CCRC 2023. (The others were: liquid biopsies; environment and cancer; and clinical innovations in the real world.)

“I wanted to immerse myself in the world of AI and machine learning to better understand this intersection of hematology-oncology and technology,” says O’Connell. “Based on what I heard, this new venture is going to be a fascinating ride into the unknown!”

AI/machine learning approaches in blood cancer research

While AI/machine learning shows much promise for predicting disease prognosis, effectiveness of particular treatments, and better patient outcomes, there are other considerations that must be taken into account, he noted. These include: 

  • How secure is the data in these systems? We have to consider the privacy risks associated with machine learning models.
  • Is a program created in one part of the country, accurate in other regions? How might a program created in Halifax work in an institution in BC? 
  • Machine learning/AI can develop bias! Even though programs are developed with specific parameters, AI has been shown to develop a bias towards certain aspects, which can affect the results.

All in all, this new venture for LLSC is going to produce some extremely interesting information and could help shape the future of blood cancer treatment in Canada!

Poster used at the ccrc 2023 conference. Contains our logo and information about our grant programs