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Mental health risks and blood cancers

Did you know that people affected by cancer experience at least double the prevalence of depression and anxiety than in the general population?* That’s not just at diagnosis or during cancer treatment. Even years after treatment, you or your loved one may struggle with cancer-related mental health challenges.

The week of May 6th is Mental Health Awareness Week, and we want all Canadians impacted by a blood cancer to know there is a solution. You can…

  • Recognize your risk.
  • Watch for mental health symptoms.
  • Ask for professional help.

LLSC has multimedia resources to learn more about mental health - no matter where you’re at in your blood cancer experience:

Newly diagnosed adult with blood cancer, or survivor?

Parent of a child with a blood cancer?

Caregiver of an adult with a blood cancer?

*Mental Health Commission of Canada and the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer, 2021