Dr. Hira Mian

Myeloma Awareness Month: Dr. Hira Mian

This being Myeloma Awareness Month in Canada, we thought we’d shine a light on one of this country’s leading researchers of myeloma – specifically, multiple myeloma.

Dr. Hira Mian, a clinician-researcher at McMaster University, is one of the recipients of the Blood Cancer Quality of Life Grant Program funded by LLSC. Quality of life for individuals with a blood cancer has historically been less well studied than other areas of cancer care. There are many medical and non-medical consequences of treatments that vary with age, sex, gender, ethnicity, type of blood cancer and treatment.

Dr. Mian and her team are developing a dynamic predictive method to improve quality of life for patients with incurable blood cancer. Multiple myeloma and indolent (slow growing and slow spreading) non-Hodgkin lymphoma are incurable blood cancers. Individuals with these cancers suffer from many symptoms and a poor quality of life at multiple time points during their cancer experience.

Their dynamic model is intended to predict outcomes at different points in time during a cancer experience. This model will be developed with the input of patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers. The goal of the study is to provide information that will help guide meaningful discussions and help plan for future cancer needs and to, ultimately, improve future quality of life for this group.

Dr. Mian’s study will test a new way to predict how these cancers will progress, including survival, the ability to perform tasks required for independent living, moderate to severe symptoms of pain, depression, and overall well being.