An infographic overview of statistics from the year in review.

What a year in the blood cancer community!

The LLSC helped about 10,000 Canadians: we'll let the numbers do the talking!

While we will never say ‘mission accomplished’ until there is a cure for all blood cancers – we are happy to share our mission accomplishments in 2023! 

This year alone, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada…


  • Invested $5,000,000 in 37 researchers (a third women) across Canada
  • Launched our first grant for artificial intelligence and blood cancer research
  • Attracted 7319 individuals to educational events
  • Financially supported 773 persons affected by a blood cancer with their medical travel costs in our ‘One Kilometre at a Time” transportation subsidy program
  • Responded to 4000 phone calls and emails requesting information, support and services
  • Co-hosted our first Pediatric Oncology Day at Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology conference
  • Provided training to 1000 healthcare professionals on our continuing education platform
  • Registered 132 healthcare professionals in 10 provinces to our new After Cancer Care continuing education training
  • Attracted 1700 registrants to a single webcast (about causes of blood cancer) in our new Innovation in Research series
  • Responded to 438 requests for peer matches in our First Connection volunteer program
  • Engaged 309 in 52 virtual support groups meetings
  • Created 25 short animated videos on specific types of blood cancer, their treatment, and cancer survivorship issues (here's an example).