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$25,000 August Match Challenge. Medicum
This month, we are embarking on an exciting journey to magnify the impact of your generosity: Medicum Patient Assistance Program will match your donation, doubling its value, up to $25,000!
Lumberjacq owner photo
Jacquie Rowe is a reclaimed wood artist living in Ontario, currently living with blood cancer. The LLSC has helped Jacquie throughout her diagnosis, and is proud to partner with her business, Lumberjacq, as a retail partner.
SuperStore Header
Real Canadian Superstores and Extra Foods locations from Ontario (except Ottawa) to BC/Yukon, as well as select Your Independent Grocers and No Frills locations, are calling on their customers and community members to help support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada (LLSC) this month.
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Over the past two years, we’ve all developed tools for protecting ourselves against COVID-19. Now, it’s a matter of managing this new situation as best we can.
A woman with her hand to her heart
As we transition out of the COVID-19 world, you may have recently heard the term “return to normal” from friends, family, or other sources. The return to normal can generate different feelings for different people. For some, it may create happiness, anticipation, and excitedness. However, for our blood cancer community, it can generate feelings of apprehension, anxiety, nervousness, or uncertainty. There are a few strategies and tools that you can use to help yourself as we return to “normal”.

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