The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada supports policies that remove barriers to access to treatment and care for children diagnosed with a blood cancer, and which accelerate the development of new treatments for childhood cancers.

Amelia smiling while playing with a toy

Advocacy in action

As parents of a toddler diagnosed with cancer, the most difficult thing Ameila’s parents faced was her diagnosis. One minute she had her whole life ahead of her, the next minute she was in for the fight of her life. The first weeks after her diagnosis were a blur and Amelia’s treatment and surgery left her quiet and sullen and she was unable to understand what was happening.

As her parents, all they could do was to stay by her bedside and put their trust in her medical team. They also leaned on organizations like LLSC to help them understand Amelia’s disease, treatment and side effects. The LLSC local family coordinator also became a vital member of their support network, lending an ear and providing advice on how to handle various situations.

Amelia’s cancer is now behind her and she and her family actively support the organizations who helped them.