Alexis Tertulliani

Alexis Tertulliani

Montreal QC

Alexis participated in and won Canada’s inaugural MWOY philanthropic competition in 2019, becoming the 2019 LLSC research champion.

Alexis lives in Montreal with his wife Sabrina and children Fabiana and Damiano. Alexis has been in the risk management and insurance industry for 15 years. Alexis first got involved with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 5 years ago at a networking breakfast. He was blown away by the incredible passion shared by everyone and profoundly touched by the experiences shared by survivors and fighters. His first Light The Night Walk was incredibly inspiring and filled with hope. Last year, one of Alexis best friends’ brother received unexpected and life changing news: a lymphoma diagnosis. Treatment began immediately and, thankfully, Tony responded very well; he is now in full remission, able to pursue his dreams and ambitions for the future. Unfortunately, not all fighters get the chance to become survivors – which is why Alexis continues to work to help cure blood cancer and make sure more fighters become survivors!