Steven Caldwell

Steven Caldwell

Toronto ON

Toronto Runner-up
Man of the Year 2021 

As a former professional soccer player, Steven Caldwell understands the importance of collaboration, and how a group of people can have a significant impact and influence when they work toward a common goal.  Currently CEO of Best Athletes Ltd., a technology platform helping youth athletes get recruited and in studio analyst with TSN, he believes that being open-minded to the opinions and attitudes of those around him is an important part of being a leader. 

One leader in particular, Sir Bobby Robson, had a tremendous impact on Steven’s life. Sir Bobby Robson took everyone’s opinions into consideration and was able to make the decisions at the end of the day, even if they were the most difficult ones. Being strong while collaborative was how Steven sought to be a leader.  

Forever competitive, when Steven was approached to take part in Man & Woman of the Year, a philanthropic competition, he couldn’t say no. He saw this as an opportunity to collaborate with other leaders and bring all communities together in support of key research initiatives at a most critical time. 

Steven was named Toronto’s 2021 Man of the Year runner-up and raised an impressive $85,000!