2023 At a Glance

In 2023, the unparalleled generosity of our donors set the stage for a transformative year at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada. You have directly fueled the advancement of medical research, while also significantly enhancing quality of life for those affected by blood cancers. Your support ignited the expansion of innovative research projects aimed at reshaping the future of cancer care. Your contributions were the lifeblood of much needed programs and targeted initiatives, crafted to address the unique challenges faced by our community. Your contributions are creating a legacy of innovation, compassion and care making you true architects of change. 


Your Generosity in Action 


2023 Expenditures chart - 62% Service delivery to the community. 15% Strengthening our operations to match community needs. 23% Rallying supporters through fundraising events.


2023 Revenue chart - 88.4% fundraising revenue. 6% bequests. 5.6% Investment & other income.

Supporting People Affected By Blood Cancers 


Supporting people affected by blood cancers. 4000 phone calls and emails responded to. 309 individuals engaged in our virtual support groups. 52 virtual support meetings held. 773 people financially supported for medical travel in our One Kilometre at a Time subsidy program. 438 requests for individuals seeking peer matches in our First Connection program.

Educating Our Community


Educating our community. 7319 people engaged in educational events. 25 educational animated videos created. 1700 registrants for a single webcast (Causes of blood cancer)

Our Healthcare Community

Through your invaluable support, healthcare providers have increased their understanding of the rapidly evolving blood cancer landscape. Leveraging our comprehensive continuing education programs and resources, they have enhanced their capabilities to offer superior care and support to individuals impacted by blood cancer. This advancement underscores the pivotal role of our collaborative efforts in fostering a well-informed healthcare community, equipped to confront the challenges posed by blood cancers with greater expertise and empathy.


Supporting healthcare providers. 1st pediatric oncology day hosted by the LLSC at the 2023 Canadian Association of Nurses in Oncology conference. 1000 healthcare professionals trained through our continuing education platform. 132 healthcare professionals in 10 provinces registered for our After Cancer Care continuing education training.

Our Research Community

Your generous support has been instrumental in advancing our goal of transforming the research landscape by prioritizing collaboration over competition. Thanks to you the scope of inquiry and innovation has not only expanded with enhanced capacity to tackle complex challenges but also fostered a spirit of unity and shared purpose within the research community. Your contributions have paved the way for groundbreaking discoveries, exploration of new research frontiers and remarkable progress.


Research and Grants. $5,009,300 invested in the work of 37 blood cancer researchers across Canada including: $773,040, Translation Research. $2,097,940, Operating Grants. $689,120, Quality of Life Research. $718,108, Pediatric Blood Cancer Research.

Together in Spirit and Action: Your Contributions Light the Way

Your unparalleled generosity over the past year has been nothing short of transformative, elevating hope and pioneering the advancement of research and our tailored support services for those bravely facing blood cancers. Your contributions are the cornerstone of life-saving research breakthroughs and innovation. We stand in awe of your commitment to making a profound difference, and it is with heartfelt gratitude that we acknowledge the vital role you play in the journey towards curing blood cancers. Your support not only lights the path to recovery for many but also marks you as true champions and blood cancer heroes.




Annual Report 2023 - Revenues for Fiscal Year 2023 and Revenues for Fiscal Year 2022



Fiscal Year 2023 vs 2022 expense difference.

Congratulations to our 2023 Visionary of the Year Research Champions

This distinguished collective of our nation’s business and community leaders has transcended traditional philanthropy, each raising over $50,000 in the groundbreaking Visionaries of the Year competition—a forward-thinking evolution of the esteemed Man and Woman of the Year contest.

Over an intensive ten-week campaign, these trailblazers have channeled their unparalleled skills, zeal, and competitive drive into the race for blood cancer cures.  Their achievements have not only secured them the prestigious title of Research Champions but have also heralded a new epoch in philanthropy—one marked by a spirited rivalry for the betterment of humanity and the upliftment of our communities.

We extend our profound gratitude to this extraordinary group of visionaries. Your remarkable contributions and indomitable spirit have set a new benchmark for leadership and generosity, inspiring a wave of positive change that resonates far beyond our immediate horizon. Thank you for your monumental efforts in propelling us forward, illuminating the path with your drive, enthusiasm, and unwavering commitment.





Gratitude and Progress: Honoring Light The Night’s Outstanding Contributors



We extend our deepest gratitude to the extraordinary teams and individuals whose unwavering dedication and tireless efforts have propelled us closer to finding cures for blood cancers. Your remarkable achievements in Light The Night have set a new standard of excellence, showcasing the power of collective action and the impact of compassionate giving. Your contributions have not only fueled groundbreaking research but also offered hope and support to countless individuals facing these challenging conditions. As we reflect on this past year's successes, we are inspired by your passion and commitment. It is with profound appreciation that we celebrate your monumental achievements, and hope that you will continue this journey with us, motivated by the knowledge that together, we are making a significant difference in the lives of those affected by blood cancers



Porshe of Halifax


Lucas Arsenault



Laurentien Electrique


Cristina Carlone





Jean-Claude Coelho



Marsh Canada (The Jim Abernethy Challenge)


Joanne Archibald



Real Canadian Superstore/Extra Foods Calgary Area Districts


Mike Mestinsek, K.C





The Spotzl Family (#RachelStrong)

Top Emerging Market Light The Night Fundraisers

St John's


Team JMZ

Top Team

Jo Mark Zurel

Top individual



Team Tammi

Top team

Tammi Garrett

Top individual


$35, 518
Super Store

Top team

We Are Here For You

Thanks to the invaluable support of our donors, individuals grappling with blood cancers are not alone. Be it acute myeloid leukemia, Waldenström macroglobulinemia, or any of the 137 blood cancer subtypes, your generosity facilitates access to a wide array of services, each carefully tailored to meet the unique needs of those affected by blood cancer. From enabling participation in clinical trials offering the latest treatments to providing emotional support and educational resources, every person touched by blood cancer knows they have a supportive community behind them every step of the way. Personalized support is available toll-free at 1-833-222-4884 or through a Community Services Lead. For more information, please visit our one-on-one personalized support page.

Dare To Dream With Us

DARE to Dream of a day when children survive cancer — and thrive in spite of it.

In 2023 LLSC introduced our participation in the Dare to Dream Project a global initiative unlike any other. It is a daring initiative to change the paradigm of cancer research, treatment and care for children, through research, education and advocacy.


Dare to dream infographic. Transform pediatric research. Advance policy & advocacy. Expand pediatric support & services.


Kids are different. And it’s why children with cancer should be treated with drugs tailored to their unique biology and disease. Cancers in kids are biologically different from adult cancers, and the way young bodies respond to and recover from treatment is unique as well. 

Many children who survive blood cancer develop secondary cancers, severe physical and cognitive impairments, cardiac problems, and a range of ailments the medical community is only beginning to understand. In addition to the extreme physical challenges, the emotional and financial toll of cancer for patients and their families is significant.

The Urgency Is Real


of pediatric cancer survivors develop chronic health issues from treatment


of pediatric cancer cases are bloodcancers

only 5%

of cancer drugs were first developed with kids in mind

Our goal is to raise $5M in 5 years. We are immensely proud and grateful to highlight the pivotal role played by our Dare to Dream lead gift donors, the Lutz Family, whose extraordinary generosity and commitment have set a powerful precedent for others to follow.

This distinguished family inspired by their son, ALL Survivor, Jay Lutz, has not only laid a solid foundation for Dare to Dream but has also inspired a growing number of other donors to join this transformative initiative.

We are grateful to all our trailblazing contributors who have Dared to Dream with us in 2023.

Together, they embody the spirit of philanthropy that moves mountains, creating a powerful coalition of support. This momentous occasion marks the beginning of a transformative journey; with the leadership of our donor community, Dare to Dream will drive innovative research, give voice to the vulnerable, and expand programs specifically for children with cancer here and around the world. 

Your generosity lights the way. Together, we are creating a future marked by innovative breakthroughs, much needed resources, and superior care for people affected by blood cancers young or old. Thank You!